Wilderness Kayak Tours

Sea Kayaking in the Marlborough Sounds and the perfect way is to do a half day adventure. Your guide will answer questions, share pearls of wisdom and ensure your comfort and wellbeing. Depending on the weather, the route each day will vary to take advantage of sea breezes so that they are on your back - there is no enforced plan which enables this kayak tour to cater for all abilities.

This tour will provide you with a good chance of seeing sting rays and eagle rays, a huge variety of sea birds including cormorants and sometimes little blue penguins, seals, huge starfish and if we are really lucky, even dolphins.

Wairau Lagoon Kayaking 

This kayak tour explores the beautiful Wairau Lagoon where you will see many beautiful New Zealand birds, including the Royal Spoonbill, Black Fronted Tern & Bartailed Godwit. Designed to make a minimal impact on the environment, this eco friendly kayak tours are ideal for wildlife photography. This bespoke, personalised tour is tailored to your time frame, fitness and interests

For further information and costings of either of these tours please contact us [email protected]

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